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Tikkies: start your own digital wallet for internet payments!

Tikkies is the new way of paying by mobile phone and via the internet. With our tailor-made Tikkies app we offer customers an all-in-one payment solution.

Secure Online Payments

Tikkies is an online wallet with which you can make payments with your computer or laptop in a webshop.

Transfer Money Fast

If you log in to Tikkies, you can transfer money to other Tikkie users. You can now also transfer money to someone who does not have a Tikkies wallet yet. You only have to provide their mobile phone number.

Receive Business Payments

For your company, a connection to Tikkies means real-time processing of online payments via the mobile telephone and the internet using WAP and SMS. It is best to compare Tikkies with a “chip card” with which you and your customers can use for online payments.

Safe and Trustworthy

Tikkies is a very secure payment method. Both for payments via the internet and with the mobile phone, measures have been taken to guarantee the security of your payments and personal data.

Tikkie Top Up

Tikkie Top Up

If you log in to your Tikkie account, you can top up your Tikkie wallet via: IBAN transfer, Bank transfer, iDEAL and credit card.

Tikkie Balance Check

Tikkie Balance Check

If you are logged in to Tikkies, you can immediately view your current balance. You can also view an overview of the credits and debits.

How much does a Tikkie cost?

- Both registering with Tikkies and paying with Tikkies is completely free
- Receiving a payment on your Tikkies wallet is free

If you transfer an amount from your Tikkies account to your bank or giro account, the costs are: € 1.00 + 2.5% on the amount to be transferred



Corporate Customers



Online Payments



Tikkie Users

With Tikkies you can safely:

- Transfer money to others;
- Make payments;
- View your credits and debits;
- Request your balance;
- Top up your wallet with various payment methods